Personal Style

Style is not only about clothes, it is a form of thought. It is a way of communication, a conversation not only with you yourself, but also with others; it’s a message that a person sends by his appearance. Intellectual use of one’s own style, of course, helps in achieving goals, and only you can decide which goals are to achieve.


It’s complex work that allows you not only to get valuable recommendations, find one or more new outfits but also to explore yourself.

You will get:

  • A set of 5 collages with combinations of prototype items, making 3 outfits that meet your life goals and purposes;
  • Written recommendation for your wardrobe and body type as well as for make-up (for women) and hairstyle;
  • One week of mentoring;
  • A list of items shown in collages with the links to online stores where you can purchase them.
$ 230

You will get:

  • Moodboard, which takes into account the origin style or dress code, hairstyle and makeup.
  • Collage with combinations of prototypical things that create the necessary look.
$ 100

You will get:

  • 3 collages with different combinations of the items in the spectrum that will be specified on the preliminary consultation, considering your goals, wishes, body type and budget.
  • A list of items with the links to online stores where you can purchase them.
$ 100