Wedding Decor

The design of the wedding concept in the form of collages and sketches is the first and the most important step in creating an unforgettable celebration. Such a format of work with the decorator is suitable for those who are ready to materialize the ideas of professionals with their own hands into life. No matter where you are; we will send you illustrated recommendations anywhere over the world so you can make the celebration of your dream by yourself.


This is a complex work, which reflects all the necessary zones of the wedding ceremony: the place of the ceremony, a presidium (a table for groom and bride), photo zone, guests’ tables, and a table with the sweets.

You will get:

  • A collage of each of the zones (at least 5); * each additional zone is paid separately;
  • General recommendations for decorating the celebration: ideas, surprises / gifts for guests, invitation letters, etc.
$ 265

You will get:

  • Moodboard for the bride: an outfit that considers not only the wedding dress, but also the hairstyle, make-up;
  • Moodboard for the groom;


  • Bonus: dress code for guests.
$ 165

Online via Skype. Answers to any questions related to wedding decoration, recommendations and an opportunity to get acquainted.
One on one consultation $100 per hour.

“It is important for me to hear you and present your personality in the chosen way, that’s why I prefer to get acquainted personally with every guest of this site”.

$ 65